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Michael talked to MTV about his recent film, Sadie’s Last Days On Earth. It was also revealed that Sadie’s will be in Canadian and American theaters on December 9th, 2016.

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When you’re a teenager, any little thing can feel like the end of the world. But in Sadie’s Last Days on Earth, a high school girl prepares for the apocalypse — literally. Michael Seater, best known for playing Derek Venturi on Life with Derek, wrote and directed the new film that tackles teenage angst and the struggles of growing up.

Sadie’s Last Days on Earth follows Sadie Mitchel (Morgan Taylor Campbell) as she vows to complete her to-do list before the apocalypse draws near — except she’s the only one who believes it’s coming. “For a while I had been mulling over modern teenage anxiety as the theme for a film, but I didn’t know exactly how to tackle it,” Seater told MTV News about the film.

“And then one day,” Seater continued, “I was hanging out with Lauren Collins [from Degrassi: The Next Generation] and Paula Brancati [Seater’s film partner who plays Connie in Sadie’s] and Lauren looked at me and said, ‘I have an idea for a film: a teenage girl who’s terrified of the apocalypse,’ and boom! It all fell into place. It was the perfect metaphor for all the stresses and pressures of life in high school.”

Seater also revealed John Ralston, who played dad George on Life with Derek, has “a very odd and hilarious cameo” in the film. Between directing Ralston, his TV stepsister Ashley Leggat in People Hold On, and his TV stepmom Joy Tanner in Sly Cad, Seater is slowly making his way to directing the entire Venturi-MacDonald household.

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Watch the trailer for Sadie’s Last Days on Earth – a movie directed, produced, and written by Michael.


For more information, check out and follow Sadie’s Last Days on Twitter & Instagram!

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In Morgan Taylor Campbell’s interview with Talk Nerdy With Us, she talked about her experience working on the Sadie’s Last Days on Earth and working with Michael. She also mentioned that the movie will be available to Netflix sometime in 2017!

You’ve also starred in Sadie’s Last Day on Earth, which is an indie coming-of-age Apocalyptic comedy. Is that a fair description?

I would say that is a very fair description.

How did you get involved with the project?

I just sent in a self-tape. Then they flew me to Toronto for a call back, and then they flew me back, to film, and it was really cool because as a kid I was such a fan of Life with Derek and when I met Michael Seater, the director, I had like a girly moment of “Oh my God.” But it was also so fun because Mike and Paula (Brancati), the director and producer, were so warm and hip that we had such a great time working. Mike and I jive really well on set. It was an incredible experience.


Fans will be able to see it on Netflix in 2017.

Yes, I’m really happy that it’s ending up on Netflix. It’s such a perfect place for that film to be. Everyone can see it, you know.

In the movie Sadie has a list of things she wants to achieve before things go sideways. What skill would you want to master?

That’s such a good question. I haven’t gotten that one yet. What skill would I want to master? I’ve always fantasized about getting lost in the woods and stuff, and I think it would be crucial for me to know what plants are poisonous and what plants are safe to eat. It’s pretty amazing being able to have that skill of identifying them. So definitely, definitely being able to identify plants. What can be used as medicine, elixirs, etc.?

And what special skill do you have that would help you survive?

Help me survive? Well, it’s definitely not my sense of direction. You can start with that. (laughs) It’s the worst. My mom laughs at me all the time. (laughs) Don’t give Morgan the map. Actually, I learned to knit for the film which was…it’s amazing the things you can create out of knitting, and that twenty-foot scarf was all me! I did that over the course of the month of filming and got it all done.

What are you most excited about fans taking away from this film?

I’m excited for them to see Sadie’s originality. She’s such a spunky chick that I really, really appreciate how she is completely oblivious to the way people think of her. I think that is so important for young people because growing up is sometimes terrifying. We can be insecure when we’re surrounded by ideas of who we think we have to be. And I love that for Sadie that’s just not an issue for her. She’s herself, confident in who she is. Unfortunately, she just has other anxieties plaguing her. I really respect her individuality and her quirkiness.  

What was your favorite thing about being part of Sadie’s Last Day on Earth?

For me, when I’m filming it always comes down to the people, it’s who you’re working with that can absolutely make or break a project. I’m still in touch with those guys from making the film. I was just talking to Clark (Backo), who plays my best friend, today. The cast was just the greatest, most kind, down to earth people. And we had so much fun, and that makes it easier to play and feel confident on set.  

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Summary: Casey and Derek are both freaking out about upcoming recitals and hockey games. Edwin and Lizzie decide to rebel when they get tired of always having to forsake their favorite activities to accommodate Derek and Casey just because they’re younger.

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Summary: Derek has played too many pranks, and this time Casey will pull one of her own on him. She steals the new uptight vice-principal’s furniture from his office. But the problem is everyone thinks it’s Derek’s fault… except for Derek and Casey.

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but hopefully that will change soon! For now, here are the latest picture updates of Michael from social media and a couple events he attended last month.

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Here are the screencaps for Michael’s Sly Cad, a short he directed and starred in a few years ago. Note, these screencaps obviously contain spoilers. So if you want to watch it first, you can do that HERE

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What did you do with your Friday – OR – Workin for the weekend #silicone #lifecast

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