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Michael has been recently listed on iMDB in a film titled, “majic”.
Check out the teaser trailer and summary below. Also be sure to check out the Kickstarter that was set up to help Post-Production!

SUMMARY: Pippa Bernwood (Brancati) is a UFO skeptic Youtuber whose investigation into Majestic 12, the shadowy government organization known colloquially as the men in black, forces her to consider the unthinkable: that some of this nonsense may actually be true. Or even worse, that the concept of truth may no longer exist because there is no fixed reality.   

The film stars Paula Brancati (Degrassi, Being Erica), while Michael is in the supporting cast, as his character Eastman, alongside Richard Fitzpatrick (Goodwill Hunting, Boondock Saints), Anand Rajaran (Warehouse 13), Paulino Nunes (Slasher, The Expanse) and Deb McGrath (Second City).

Release is slated for sometime in 2019.

Both Michael Seater and Paula Brancati went to the MFF Juniorfest this year to show Sadie’s Last Days on Earth. Below is a video of Michael and Paula that was posted on the MFF Juniorfest Facebook page. There is also one photo from the festival so far, which was uploaded to our gallery!

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Michael filmed an indie film called The Definites a few years ago and it is finally going to premiere at the Whistler Film Festival next month! Watch the trailer below:

Sorry for the delay for a lot of these. For the longest time, I couldn’t upload pictures to the gallery, but that has been fixed!

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Joy Tanner (Nora McDonald on LWD) posted these pictures on her Facebook page the other day of Michael and some of the rest of the cast. You can view more at her page or in our gallery!

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This new series (leading produced by Shaftesbury and its digital company Smokebomb Entertainment) is aimed to inspire and empower girls to pursue their interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects in school and in life. The project will be directed by Michael Seater, and star Anwen O’Driscoll and Star Slade. It is currently slated to have 20 three-minutes episodes, and is going to start filming sometimes this Spring.

Emerald Code follows 15-year-old Simone Lang who, after discovering web design and programming at summer camp, is amazed at everything she can create by herself with science and technology. Inspiring her friends to do the same, Simone and her pals soon realize that they have tons of ideas and inventions that can make their lives easier, more connected, and more fun. They navigate the complicated and confusing world of high school by learning new skills and exchanging ideas in order to create unique and useful tools. Soon, Simone and friends are solving problems, coming up with wild schemes, and most importantly, cracking the code to living an awesome high school life!

read more about the series here

The Canadian Film Fest youtube channel posted this video promoting the 2017 film festival. Towards the end of the video (1:11) and to the right, you can catch a glimpse of Michael.

On January 26, Michael Seater went to Canada’s 150th Anniversary In Pictures.

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This past Monday, Michael reprised his role as James Gillies on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries. Below you can view the Making Murdoch and stills from the episode!

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