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Michael Seater stars along side Robert Clark, Jake Epstein, and Katie Boland in the TV show The Zack Files. His character, Spencer Sharpe, is the one of the best friends of Zack (Robert Clark), who seems to draw unwanted paranormal activity to himself and the people he knows. Michael’s character is the keeper of the Zack Files and is obsessed with documenting Zack’s paranormal happenings in hopes to prove that paranormal activity actually exists.

Episode Summary: Zack forgets to return Alice in Wonderland and the characters come back to life. Spencer and Cam must become Zack’s lawyer and find a proof who disculp him and identify the real thief : Vernon.

Career > Television > The Zack Files > Season 1 > Screencaps > 1×01 “Library of No Return” (226)

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