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Michael Seater made a series of guest starred appearances on the TV show ReGenesis, featuring Peter Outerbridge during the years 2006-2007 for seasons 2 and 3. His character Owen is a homeless 17-year-old living in the subway of New York City.

Episode Summary: While attending a conference in New York, David chases a petty thief named Owen into the city’s abandoned subway tunnels where he finds an underground community of homeless people. David discovers that some of the inhabitants share symptoms of a mysterious illness and he begins to investigate. Back at NorBAC, Jill believes that she has discovered a cure for juvenile diabetes from an unsanctioned line of Korean stem cells. Caroline’s nephew Glenn who has been lying in a coma is beginning to show some signs of response.

Career > Television > ReGenesis > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2×04 “Dim and Dimmer” (253)

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