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It looks like the BrancSeater project People Hold On (PHO) is in production.


The cast includes: Katie Boland, Paula Brancati, Mazin Elsadig, Ashley Leggat, Jonathan Malen, Al Mukadam, Noah Reid,  and Chloe Rose.

And although Michael isn’t billed to star in this, he is directing this 90-minute feature!


After two years of missing their annual cottage weekend, this life long group of friends is back together on the lake. But they quickly discover that people do in fact change, and so do relationships.
An ex shows up with his nineteen year-old girlfriend he didn’t tell anyone about. The girl you forgot you loved in high-school fucks you, but forgets it in the morning. Your friends grill you on your life choices. Your bestie you lost touch with is being a cold bitch because of your newfound success. The former wild child shows up with a ring on her finger. Sounds like fun, right?
In this world of quarter-life crisis an adult-children People Hold On is about facing adulthood head on and whether or not we accept the death of our youth.

For more information on the film, CLICK HERE

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