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Mike on Set of Sadie's Last Days on Earth
Sadie’s Last Days on Earth just started filming on Monday, October 5th. It is a new BrancSeater film that Michael Seater is once again directing (he also co-wrote it with Paula Brancati).

The film is starring: Munro Chambers, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Ricardo Hoyos, and Clark Backo.


Everything in high school is like the world ending and Sadie Collins crippling fear of the coming apocalypse is the heightened version of that. Undeterred by the naysayers, Sadie has two weeks to ready herself before doomsday. She needs to master survivalist cuisine, learn to sew, but there are other things… personal things; go to a high school party, kiss a boy, and most importantly, get her best friend back.
Whether Sadie ultimately faces doomsday or another year of high school, one thing is certain; she needs to figure out who she is and what that means.
Exploring modern teenage anxiety and the universal theme of acceptance from others and ourselves, Sadie’s Last Days on Earth is a commercially skewed feature length film filled with heart and humor. With whip smart dialogue, incredibly original characters, and lead by a totally fresh new young heroine, Sadie’s Last Days On Earth is poised to be a classic. [x]

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