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Addison Wylie was able to have an interview with Michael about People Hold On. They spoke mainly of the film-making process process for this film, and Mike also adds what BrancSeater is working on next!

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I also briefly chatted with Michael Seater about his debut, People Hold On.  As someone who saw potential in his ability to direct, I wanted to know if he intended to make more movies.  I also wanted to pick his brain about the actual filmmaking process – especially the state of the script.

Addison Wylie: First of all, and don’t take this the wrong way, but what does the screenplay for People Hold On look like?  Yourself and actress Paula Brancati wrote the script, but a lot of conversations sound very organic.  Did you welcome improvisation?

Michael Seater: Yes!  That was the plan all along.  We almost always shot with two angles at once so the actors had the freedom to explore, overlap and play.  It allowed for truly authentic performances.

AW: Congratulations on your directorial debut!  This is a really good flick – and, so well directed.  People may know you best from TV’s Life with Derek, but I have a feeling that’ll change down the road.  Have you always had aspirations to direct?

MS: I remember when I was on set of Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, and realized that I wanted to try my hand at directing.  I decided I would watch and learn. It became my own sort of film school. And man, was I lucky to have that access (Brancati) and this opportunity with People Hold On.  But, I’ll never stop acting.  I like the attention too much!

AW: Having plenty of experience as an actor, have you known your cast for a while?  If so, did having prior relationships with your actors help when it came to rehearsing and ultimately shooting your film?

MS: We actually cast first, wrote second.  We initially thought about our friends we grew up with on various sets.  We then brought everyone together and pitched our idea!

AW: Did you find it easy making a movie in tight environments?  Did everyone have enough room to move around in that cabin?

MS: It was TIGHT.  Very small space, lots of people, VERY intimate.

AW: Now that you’ve gotten your filmmaking feet wet, do you have ideas for future films you want to make?  Perhaps another collaboration with Brancati?

MS: Paula and I just rolled cameras on our second feature film, Sadie’s Last Days on Earth!  It’s about a teenage girl with a crippling fear of the world and it stars Munro Chambers (Turbo Kid), Morgan Taylor Campbell, Ricardo Hoyos, and Clark Backo.

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