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So, I’m a bit late on this news (almost 4 months late, sorry, I was just made aware of it), but you can now rent/watch/download Sly Cad on vimeo. Sly Cad was the short film that Michael directed back in 2013 and premiered in 2014, starring him and Chloe Rose! (Joy Tanner aka Nora McDonald on Life With Derek also makes an appearance!)

Jack, John, Jake, however you may know him, knows how to get by. He lives well, sailing on the wealth of mature women’s desires. He does this by following his strict Rules of a Sly Cad. Rules that will get in his way when he goes on a twenty-four hour adventure through city and woods with the young and enticing Gabi.

To rent, it is only $1. To buy/download, it is only $3! However, you do have to have a vimeo account to order, but only a standard (free) registration is required.


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