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Alex Simpson for SiriusXM 167 Canada Talks interviewed both Michael and Ashley Leggat the day before Count Me In. Below, the duo not only talked about the youth event, but about the 10th anniversary of Life with Derek and what they have planned for it so far. Take a look:

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If you didn’t have a chance to watch Count Me In when it was live the other day, you can at least watch Michael and Ashley’s part of it below:

I also added pictures and screencaps of the event to the gallery!

Appearances > 2015 >  April 14: Count Me In Live Broadcast (8)

Appearances > 2015 > Screencaps > April 14: Count Me In Live Broadcast (68)

The other day, Ashley Leggat posted a short video of her and Michael at the Count Me In rehearsals. Check it out below:

Ashley Leggat posted this picture of her and Mike on her social media sites last night. The duo are both presenting at Count Me In’s Live Broadcast today, which starts at 9:30am ET. Tune in here:

Also added more pictures of Mike that were uploaded by others:

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On April 14th, Count Me In – the world’s largest youth-led movement – will be having a Global Live Broadcast. Michael is shown as being one of the speakers for the event, as well as former co-star Ashley Leggat from Life with Derek. (At this time, it is not known if Mike and Ash will appear together or not on the broadcast, but here’s to hoping!)

Touching on universal youth themes including civic engagement, mental health, volunteerism and leadership, the unique show is produced entirely by a team of youth. The Count Me In Global Broadcast launches a year-round digital mentorship program where students from across the globe are guided towards developing their own volunteer initiatives, and becoming more compassionate world citizens. The ultimate goal of the live broadcast is to motivate students to volunteer in their local communities, and become more compassionate world citizens. In 2014, the Count Me In Global Broadcast impacted over 2.2 million young people in more than 65 countries. Now we’re taking the inspiration to a whole new level!
This year’s motivational variety show will include more than 20 performances by top youth speakers, award winning musical artists, young leaders & teen icons!

The broadcast begins 9:30am ET  and ends at 1:30pm ET
(with a “lunch break” from 11am-12pm)

For more information: Count Me In – LIVE Global Broadcast