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Both Michael Seater and Paula Brancati went to the MFF Juniorfest this year to show Sadie’s Last Days on Earth. Below is a video of Michael and Paula that was posted on the MFF Juniorfest Facebook page. There is also one photo from the festival so far, which was uploaded to our gallery!

Appearances > 2017 > November 5: MFF Juniorfest

The Canadian Film Fest youtube channel posted this video promoting the 2017 film festival. Towards the end of the video (1:11) and to the right, you can catch a glimpse of Michael.

On January 26, Michael Seater went to Canada’s 150th Anniversary In Pictures.

Appearances > 2017 > January 26: Canada’s 150th Anniversary In Pictures (2)
Seater_28129.jpg Seater_28229.jpg

Michael and Paula Brancati were both on The Social on December 7th to promote Sadie’s Last Days on Earth. Below are the pictures from the appearance and a way to watch it!

Appearances > 2016 > December 7: The Social
CzHspXSXAAACsvd.jpg SADIE02.jpg

Michael and some of the cast and crew of Sadie’s Last Days on Earth got together to watch an early screening of the film on December 4th. Below are some of the pictures from the event.

Appearances > 2016 > December 4: Sadie’s Last Days on Earth Early Screening
2016-12-08_12_40_34.jpg File_Dec_042C_9_09_24_PM.png 15241812_10155176207201840_4560689076490539201_n.jpg

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but hopefully that will change soon! For now, here are the latest picture updates of Michael from social media and a couple events he attended last month.

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Appearances > 2016 > September 12: Birks Diamond Tribute (2)

Appearances > 2016 > September 20: Cinefest Sudbury (1)

On February 24th, Michael attended the Talent Fund dinner in L.A. Below is the one picture of Michael at the event.

On January 16th, Michael attended the Toronoto Premiere of Kung Fu Panda 3. Check out the pictures below from the event.

Appearances > 2016 > January 16: “Kung Fu Panda 3” Toronto Premiere (5)

On January 5th, Michael Seater attended the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards Gala. Below are a couple pictures of Michael at the event.

Appearances > 2016 > January 5: TFCA Awards Gala 2015 (2)

Below are some more pictures of Michael at various TIFF events:

Appearances > 2015 > September 9: Canadian Filmmakers Party (3)
Appearances > 2015 > September 10: Toronto Life’s Best Dressed (1)
Appearances > 2015 > September 11: Celebrate Ontario (1)
Appearances > 2015 > September 15: Birks Diamond Tribute (4)