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Michael posted his gingerbread creation of the season his Instagram a couple days ago. Check it out below:

More pictures:


This year Michael decided to make a digital short featuring his gingerbread creation. Watch it below!

So this year, everyone gets to experience my gingerbread house the same way; DIGITALLY.

I made a full on gingerbread house and interior set, filmed it and it is digital regression magic.

Thanks to Kyle Brunet who always makes my christmas movie dreams come true.

And, as much as she loves it, Paula would like you all to no that this is not a BrancSeater production.


Michael posted on his Instagram yesterday the final product for this years gingerbread structure.

“This year’s gingerbread structure: donkey piñata to go with Feliz Navidad theme.”

I also just created an album of Michael’s past gingerbread structures in the gallery HERE. I don’t have them all and they’re not all labeled yet though.