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This past Monday, Michael reprised his role as James Gillies on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries. Below you can view the Making Murdoch and stills from the episode!

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Below are the scanned pages of Michael in the “Breakup Blues” (Life with Derek book) and “Investigating Murdoch Mysteries”.

Scans > Breakup Blues – Life with Derek Book (6)

Scans > Investigating Murdoch Mysteries (4)


Paula Brancati posted this picture of Michael on her Twitter the other day.

At this time, I am not sure whether this means Michael will be back to reprise his role as James Gillies on Murdoch Mysteries or not. Personally, I’m leaning towards no, but I guess we’ll see…

Summary: Detective Murdoch accompanies convicted murderer James Gillies to his hanging.

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Earlier this week, Hélène Joy (Julia Ogden from Murdoch Mysteries) finally joined Twitter (@Helene_Joy). With that, Hélène has posted a few pictures, two being of Michael and her twinning it in dresses, presumably from the season 6 episode “The Murdoch Trap”.

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I finally got around to uploading the screencaps for the two Murdoch Mysteries episodes Michael guest-starred in for season 6. Again, Michael stirred up trouble for Murdoch as James Gillies. Check the screencaps out below:

Summary: One of Murdoch’s colleagues is implicated in a murder.

Career > Television > Murdoch Mysteries > Screencaps > 6×12 “Crime & Punishment” (8)

Summary: While trying to save his colleagues, Detective Murdoch is trapped by the true killer.

Career > Television > Murdoch Mysteries > Screencaps > 6×13 “The Murdoch Trap” (269)

Summary: A girl is abducted from her home, and a talking doll left at the scene mentions Murdoch by name. As the detective chases down the culprit, he’s met at each stage by more dolls taunting him with clues and ultimately threatening what Murdoch holds most dear.

Career > Television > Murdoch Mysteries > Screencaps > 5×11 “Murdoch in Toyland” (132)

Career > Television > Murdoch Mysteries > Production Stills > 7×09 “Midnight Train to Kingston” (5)

**If you live in Canada, you can (re)watch the episode HERE on CBC. Also, Michael is featured in the “Making Murdoch” webisode this week, which you can watch HERE.

Summary: Detective Murdoch fears that his relationship with Dr. Ogden has been permanently damaged, as he heads into investigating a seemingly perfect crime, the murder of a university professor. Meanwhile, Constable Crabtree continues his search for his biological mother.

Career > Television > Murdoch Mysteries > Screencaps > 2×07 “Big Murderer on Campus” (270)