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Summary: While in Cuba investigating the cause of decimated orange groves in Florida, David and Carlos uncover information that points to a possible bio-terrorist plot on the part of the Cubans. The American President jumps the gun and immediately blames Cuba for the damaged crops. In her search for a cure for Juvenile Diabetes, Jill confirms that the Korean stem cell line is contaminated with a virus. Before her ground-breaking results can move forward, she must prove that the virus is harmless. Back in Toronto, Caroline’s nephew Glenn fails to respond to his surgery, but does manage to utter one last, devastating message. Owen shows up at David’s apartment looking for a place to stay.

Career > Television > ReGenesis > Screencaps > 2×07 “Talk to Him” (92)

Summary: Jill’s new treatment for juvenile diabetes is halted when she discovers than the stem cells hold a retrovirus that might endanger the patients. The research on what plagues the girl found in the subway tunnel continues.

Career > Television > ReGenesis > Screencaps > 2×05 “Massive Changes” (62)

Michael Seater made a series of guest starred appearances on the TV show ReGenesis, featuring Peter Outerbridge during the years 2006-2007 for seasons 2 and 3. His character Owen is a homeless 17-year-old living in the subway of New York City.

Episode Summary: While attending a conference in New York, David chases a petty thief named Owen into the city’s abandoned subway tunnels where he finds an underground community of homeless people. David discovers that some of the inhabitants share symptoms of a mysterious illness and he begins to investigate. Back at NorBAC, Jill believes that she has discovered a cure for juvenile diabetes from an unsanctioned line of Korean stem cells. Caroline’s nephew Glenn who has been lying in a coma is beginning to show some signs of response.

Career > Television > ReGenesis > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2×04 “Dim and Dimmer” (253)