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The two-hour television movie is titled, Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy. It is airing on Thursday, March 27 @ 8pm ET/PT on GlobalTV in Canada. There hasn’t been any word about a U.S. or any other country airing at this time.

Say hello to Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy. It’s the two-hour TV movie that A) reunites everyone’s favorite Canadian munitions factory workers, and B) closes out the series with one heck of a bang (pun intended).

The plot: well, here’s what Global has to say:

“In the darkest hour of WWII, a new and disturbing menace appears: a saboteur among the factory workers. Bomb Girl Gladys Witham, a fiery young woman from privilege, is covertly recruited by Allied Intelligence to find the traitor on the new line. But she must spy on her best friends, co-workers and fellow agents, calling into question everyone and everything she has come to trust.”


Some more detailed information about the movie’s plot:

Bomb Girls — Facing the Enemy picks up in Spring 1943, four to five months after the Season 2 finale. Much like the series itself the film focuses on Gladys (Jodi Balfour) and her mission to help the efforts during the Second World War. When we return, she has left the munitions factory and taken up a job as a spy at a place loosely based on Camp X, a Canadian facility that trained spies from all over the world. There she meets the show’s first Jewish character and a potential love interest, as played by Jamie Elman (Student Bodies).

“You need an event that launches the movie so that was the main story, Gladys’s first six months (at the camp), and she’s now being trained by Clifford [Tahmoh Penikett],” Mitchell reveals. “There’s a course of events that happen that make her have to go back into the factory as a spy. Her cover is that she’s just coming back, so it’s very interesting.”

The film will also deal with the fallout of Betty (Ali Liebert) taking the blame for the death of Kate’s (Charlotte Hegele) father, and will follow up with fan favourites Lorna (Meg Tilly), Vera (Anastasia Phillips) and Marco (Antonio Cupe). Whether that leaves time for Lorna’s family and the rest of the munitions factory characters remains to be seen. If Mitchell and her team have their way, this film will only be the first of several.


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