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Summary: Marshall doesn’t want to be the most popular guy at Blake Holsey; he just wants his friends to notice him. But when he begins to feel completely ignored, Marshall finds himself disappearing until he becomes invisible.¬†Although enjoying his newfound ability at first, Marshall starts to realize that he is slowly fading away into nothing. Can he and his friends restore his visibility before he ceases to exist?

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Summary: A wormhole opens in an office floor and the science professor disappears into the wormhole, never to be seen again. Josie Trent experiences an extremely interesting first day at Blake Holsey High when she and her¬†new roommate, Corrine, travel through the same wormhole. Could this give an indication of exactly what occurred to cause the mysterious incidents at “Black Hole High?”

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No, neither of these are an April Fool’s joke. Netflix Canada has added Strange Days at Blake Holsey High for streaming on their site. You can search for it under the name “Black Hole High”.

Also, you can now watch Adventures in the Sin Bin in full for free on Hulu.


Jim Rapsas, creator of Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, posted this picture on the Strange Days Twitter:

Tweet from the Strange Days Twitter.

If you’re a fan of the show, I would definitely follow their twitter @BlakeHolseyHigh. Jim posts some interesting facts about the show, as well as pictures. Recently he posted an outline he had for a Christmas episode that was never produced, which you can view HERE. He has also said that he’s working on a project of sorts for the fans too!

So I’ve been regularly updating the gallery, but I just never got around to updating this site on the updates. So here are most of them in one lump sum!

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