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Michael attended various events at 2014’s Toronto’s International Film Festival (TIFF). Below are some pictures from these events:


Appearances > 2014 > September 3: 9th Annual Canadian Filmmakers’ Party (2)

Appearances > 2014 > September 4: Toronto Life’s Most Stylish Party (1)

Appearances > 2014 > September 6: Technicolor Party (2)

Appearances > 2014 > September 7: CFC Annual BBQ (3)

Appearances > 2014 > September 8: Tastemakers Lounge (3)

Appearances > 2014 > September 8: “Bang Bang Baby” Premiere (1)

On September 6th, Michael along with his teammates Ray Ablack, Zoie Palmer, and Vinay Virmani (Team A, The Establishment) went against Katie Boland, Sophie Desmarais, Shannon Kook, and Julie Sarah Stone (Team B, TIFF Rising Stars) in a Canadian Film trivia game. In the end, Michael and his teammates won the game!

Below are pictures from the event:

Appearances > 2014 > September 6: Great Canadian Talent Faceoff (54)


EDIT: Telefilm posted some clips of the event on their youtube. You can that below!

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Telefilm Canada shines the spotlight on Canadian talent at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, introducing its first-ever live game show – ETALK presents The Great Canadian Talent Faceoff – and presenting another edition of its popular Talent to Watch series.

ETALK presents The Great Canadian Talent Faceoff – Saturday, September 6, 2014, 2:00–2:45 p.m.
Venue: Festival Street on King Street

Members of the film industry and the public are invited to participate in the first-ever live game show organized by Telefilm with the support of the Toronto International Film Festival and hosted by ETALK, Canada’s #1 entertainment show

Two teams made up of local talent will compete in hilarious games to test their knowledge of Canadian cinema.

A group of TIFF Rising Stars:
– Sophie Desmarais
– Shannon Kook
– Julia Sarah Stone
– Katie Boland

will face off against a team of well-known talent:
– Zoie Palmer
– Vinay Virmani
– Ray Ablakc
Michael Seater

and they’ll both need the audience’s help! For more about Festival Street, go to the event’s info page online.